Geometric Kingdoms Project by Parinya Pattarhajumnong

(Test taken from original presentation)

To Begin with, a research into the physical characteristic of the living things in the animal Kingdom which is specific to each type of animal (phylum)has been made. With this information and the geometrical knowledge,the link between them can be seen after a fine analytive process. The process started by dividing the living things into groups according to the differences in their body structure. In the other word, each animal are divided in terms of  the angle that they make with the ground when they move about. The above system can be done by replacing every part of the living thing with a structure code. These codes are substituted in, in an easy way, for example, a part of the code of an animal with 2 arms are said to be (A2) ,and those with 2 wings are said to and be (W2). As for the biggest part of the body, it is divided according to the angle the animal make with the ground when they move .There are two main types of angles which are 90o (perpendicular to the ground) and 180o (parallel to the ground). By putting this system into use , the orignal structure code can be obtained. Finally, the original structure codes will be used to combine in a mathematical equation to create a new living things with a unique physical characteristic. You can see the new animal which was born from a basic geometric form here.


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