The d’Errico Code, Solo Show Paintings by Camilla D’Errico

  • These 12 paintings are inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s amazing machines.  I combined my two passions: Helmetgirls and my Italian background, into this very special collection of paintings.  They hold a lot of meaning, and there is a lot of ‘me’ in each one; hopes, fears, dreams, realizations, acceptance. An excerpt from the gallery’s official presentation:Twelve pieces created in the artists trademark style of fine black lines with acrylics and oil, are meticulously enriched with the most bizarre details, tricking the viewer into thinking they were drawn. The depth and apparent continuity of each line is dizzying, as the eyes and imagination are taken on a fantastic journey as they follow the path of components, each meaningful and rich with symbolism.

    There is no doubt that Camilla dErricos paintings are new worlds open on our cultural universe. For this exhibition her renowned HelmetGirls allude to the mechanical projects of Leonardo Da Vinci, which inspired the artist to aptly title the show, “Il Codice d’Errico”.

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