Photography and Sculpting by Levi van Veluw


Levi van Veluw is a multidisciplinary artist, he lives and works in the Netherlands. Born in 1985 Hoevelaken, the Netherlands 2003-2007 ARTEZ institute of the arts, Fine art, Arnhem the Netherlands
2006 internship Erwin Olaf Springveld,2009 Art Teacher, Photography department, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, the Netherlands

He has also received some awards sutch as: 2007 Winner IPA International Photo Awards, Photographer of the year Fine Arts, 1st place portret, 1st place self-portret, USA 2007 1st price Art Interview Award, Germany 2007 Winner Akzo Nobel young talent 1st place, the Netherlands 2007 Nominated 1st Phase, AaanZet! Finals in januari,the Netherlands 2007 Nominated Diesel DNA New art contest,publication/exhibition, Italy 2007 Nominated Art Olive young talent, Finals 16 september, the Netherlands 2007 Nominated ITS# Photo international talent support, Italy 2007 Winner American Photography 23, publication and exhibition, USA2006 Winner Epson Photo Art Award, best selected work, Germany 2006 Nominated Photo academy award, the Netherlands exhibition Fotogram Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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