Paintings by James Roper – Exvoluta series

Artist quote

”  The ‘characters’ within the new Exvoluta series attempt to embody in the form of Hindu-like deities the many different qualities of their ultimate source, the vast array of images sourced from the Internet. They are distorted archetypes, Saints, or more appropriately for the modern age Superheroes of material excess. By drawing comparisons between the aesthetics of modern consumerism and that of religious iconography I hope to reveal how these conventionally separate visions (materialism vs. spiritualism) are in fact no different. The feeling of hope bound up within the consumerist vision of shiny surfaces and perfect bodies is no different than the magisterial depictions of heavenly abodes and fantastical miracles, they both promise a permanence, a glossy infinity that will never succumb to the muddy entropy of the natural world.  “


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