Street Art by Elbow Toe in New York

” The work of Brooklyn-based street artist, Elbow-Toe, in December 2005. Although I initially didn’t know what to make of his weird, distended pieces, I quickly came to appreciate his willingness to experiment with mediums and styles, embrace change and continually challenge himself. Starting with his most recent work first, I present to you a reverse chronological overview of his work on the streets.

Having spent the better part of the past two years honing a painterly, cut paper collage style for his gallery work, ET recently adapted this work for application on the street. Enlarging collaged imagery and embellishing it with handpainted colors allows him to produce visually striking and large pieces for wheatpasting. These pieces are from 2011 and 2010 ”



2 thoughts on “Street Art by Elbow Toe in New York

  1. This artist really captures the plight of the “street bum”. These people are more than “homeless”, their life is living under freeways and on sidewalks, with their belongings piled in old shopping carts. A place where mental illness, more than likely, has pushed them and left them to their fate.

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