Digital Photography by Dale May – LEGO WARS

“The LEGO WARS series is a study of popular culture, commercial advertising and nostalgia. As an adult,Dale May revisits these tiny plastic Lego figures and photographs them in a way that returns them to the epic importance they once had as a child, reminding us why we needed to collect every single piece.  Iconic, nostalgic, yet timeless, the artist bring a new look to a subject that’s common place. Dale leaves nothing to chance, not only is the work impeccably crafted and well thought out but the material he has chosen to produce the Lego Wars series was no accident. Dale felt that the entire piece of art should resemble the high polished glossiness of the subject itself.Mounted with an archival acrylic front and backed with aluminum dibond, the work is given a look not unlike the plastic Star Wars Lego figure or something from Darth Vader’s living room. Once made from molded plastic, standing just over an inch and a half and in danger of being stepped on, these characters now stand tall, speak to us and demand attention! ”

e58c3c2fb515fc950b6634ec4f8d0a98 889d51cf77544be0c8c073e0d8e328ca ddf3f9e58818dde383c23983c2ac2565 c7fa2075e9d653214e760d3fc2e3dcfb b498347385da57989bf189a7f7a7ff51 8d4f7d3b19582b7fcea3a110bae6d02f


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