Sculpting/Toy Design by Fabrice Le Nezet – Hurling Players

” Hurling is an Irish Sport known for being the fastest game on grass and also for being one of the most violent ones.

With this new project, I’m continuing my aesthetic research towards a style that combines sculpture, architecture and toys design with a strong urban vibe. I designed asymmetrical shapes, valuing expressive and elegant silhouettes over tiny little details. This time, I chose raw materials such as concrete, metal and rubber to emphasize the violent nature of those characters. Despite their rough attitudes, I wanted to keep a sense of fun that goes along with the toys spirit.”

 0fc36998e0c986bd99947c4f691ad9fa 2df91f33847f273ea1757130944344b6 7d536cc974a4e0f2f26426353db1b3c9 3537bb6bde4854b060aa591560fe74e8 a5f0b20d93b12b2c85a9c24e79703684 afd03f792f4c06d8e13d889dd9669c7b f1e1027ce1eddb5e8596f39dbc843e75

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