Illustrations by Sakiroo Choi – Special School 6 with Yellow Lemon

9e605992a17010d5739ea324ea035210 30c85cf86a29dff79e411131470524f9 55c47785c054ef413ba6ee5a22a8a817 85b1a9193d522b416263e8cb38993bf4 97a3d731337a6bbcca8519e876598805 33274ce657d90a8034e0eecc5109d6b7 84464b2a99c71ac3fc494bb569f0447c a1dc21be5656808fc673e4172d08090a cacb55eb028adb3109daf7a192c65faf e3a3005fccf8950673185fe3f2d0e3c0 ee7b411c4ad1b83343f6c5009e2371dc f727e77320a16d6ca343d6976361d208


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