Character Design, Painting, Print Design by Pasha Bumazhniy – Portrets

5b657ea06361df80bb16de36d4982972 22de1ce275d440f17a96be23b2cc2477 39be65f0f3c48d637b5f7a9b32a5e83e 60dc4f0b0be9ad4b0fbfbcdba85f763c 88ea9763761d377844f684b6d35b696a 93a74845ce62997d5995cc2376e5268a 1765cc62795d54793ccd642dfb765465 4735e60b9f1b88fb8a874e7347ce1804 8158ab7cff8ee1e3058b40e9a0241604 ab123e1dbbf221a3f83822ebc1907b10 b4b4cf34881f954f4abbf9450987a745 befb42f8ae1497c6ada5dd142ced69c8 c85a3cf95d65dc8c784f0483c7427370 dd743ebf647766406ddbb85307cbce90 e95c713e8730a2c1f1e2bda11cc9597a f1c24cf778b58f52f6c2811948b40fcb fa3d71b7c434647d06fd2e3f7e4524ed fb6f580b6839bc9b0d3981023596c9a4


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