Hello and welcome to Clippingpaper.

This blog is dedicated to the creative world of visual art’s, from Web Design to Graphic Design, from Video to Magazines, and so on.

Clippingpaper will be more of a visual blog so no long texts about how it was done or why, it will be about the visual impact and the feelings that each one of those artists managed to create with their works.

The work´s posted here will be from Artists and Designers that are well known but it also be about the one´s out there that are not yet known to the World.

This blog is my way to show case some of my favorite artists, designers, photographers, Illustrators, and people in general that use technology in creative ways.

I hope you all enjoy visiting my blog as much as i enjoy creating it .


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I just want to say I found this site as a good inspiration for designers and so I must say Thank you for sharing with us:)) Have fun and Will follow to see some more! bye, Polona

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